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September 12, 2016, 09:24:29 pm

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September 12, 2016, 12:07:18 pm

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Ideas Trading***OFFLINE*** View Industry-specific trading (Please use this page sparingly).
Ideas Totals***OFFLINE*** Comprehensive view of Ideas and Artefacts (Please use this page sparingly).
IndustriesThe regular view of the game's Industries (categories).
Javatree ViewA javascript version of the Industry hierarchy.
Industry DescriptionsAll Industries and their descriptions.
Heavy ViewAll Industries, with descriptions for Artefacts where applicable.
Quick ViewA list of only existing Artefacts and their Industries.
Artefact Completion***OFFLINE*** A tool that lists up to 100 artefacts that you have not yet built, with links and data.
Artefacts Needed***Premium Only*** Very light list of Artefacts you have not yet built.
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Game and Site Data
Spider ProgressYou can see how many blogs have been indexed over the 48 hours.
Market DataA math geek's playground, various numbers and stats about the game.
GraphsSee select game and site data graphically displayed.
Off-Site Tools
BookmarkletsAn assortment of browser tools to enhance some facets of the site (created by Raymond).
Blog Industry CountsCourtesy of T$, view blog counts and blogless Industries.
Add-OnsAdamF's many projects, including user graphs and a wordpress plugin.
SearchesHosted by tengrrl, you can search specific terms and types of BlogShares information.
Ideas TrackerAn Idea management tool created and hosted by Brandon Smith
Deader HelperMidoribe's tool to help voters and sigma hunters know when a blog is dead by BlogShares standards.
Player TutorialsA collection of Player-written tutorials on various facets of the game. Feel free to contribute!